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As Sweet As Apples Dipped In Honey: Leonard Cohen’s 75th birthday gig in Barcelona

I’ve just written a couple of paragraphs on how I felt after my return from the Leonard Cohen concert in Barcelona on 21st September (his 75th birthday) and then promptly scrapped them again. Firstly, I couldn’t type as fast as my thoughts kept bubbling out of me and, secondly, they somehow didn’t even come close to what I really wanted to express.  So instead I’ve picked a few thoughts shared by others during the days after the gig. They really moved me and collectively give you an idea of the magic we experienced that Monday night in September on the top of the hill of Montjuic in Barcelona, one of my favourite cities in the world.

Leonard & Guitar 2

From a young Spanish fan:

AMAZING!!!!!!!! My heart is still beating, my legs still trembling, my arms still shaking!!!!! I know many people around here have seen Leonard many many times but for me… tonight has been a dream come true! I’m only 22… (BloodBrother)

From a couple whose first Leonard concert it was:

Barcelona was our first Leonard Cohen concert, an anniversary present to ourselves, we have been fans for many years. The whole evening was such a fantastic emotional experience that we didn’t want it to end, but of course it had to. Even getting pickpocketed the next day in the Parc Guell did not take the shine off our stay in Barcelona. …It has been five days now and still the music flows through my head, how can I get it to stop… (shazzan01)

Reply by another forum member:

It won’t stop. I saw Len in July & I’m still on a high from that gig. (musicmania)

On Leonard and the band:

 …something has happened over the months. They are more than Leonard and the band/singers. They are family. They have also become “family” to us, and because of that, the concerts are now something transcendent. Above and beyond the norm. (ladydi)

And this one which still brings tears to my eyes when I read it:

An old man sitting in my row appeared to be in floods of tears throughout the second half of the concert. I looked again carefully and noticed that the man was me. (abeggarleaning)

All quotes taken from


This is a recent Irish Times article by Eamon Maher on the effect Leonard’s music can have on us: ‘Cohen’s songs of suffering move us with power similar to prayer’

P.S. My most favourite of all the favourite moments during the concert was when Leonard sang Suzanne. All of us who had been at the forum meet-up in Barcelona that afternoon got given thin green candles (because in his song ‘One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong’ it says ‘I lit a thin green candle, to make you jealous of me’) and had agreed to light them when Suzanne came on. It was the most touching thing to feel connected to the 120+ others dotted around the place who were holding their candles up like little beacons of gratitude illuminating the darkness of the concert hall. Here is some footage of it.

Some more videos from the concert can be found here.

And this is how Dino Soldo, one of Leonard’s fabulous band members, commented about our candles on twitter:

To all the friends in Leonard Cohen’s Barcelona gig; Your Birthday candles brought a tear to my eye. He was touched. 

birthday candle cropped

When Leonard said goodbye to us that night in Barcelona with a traditional Jewish wish for a sweet new year ‘may your life be sweet as apples dipped in honey’ we were left with a mixture of utter elation and gratefulness yet also more than just a touch of sadness. Who knows if or when we would ever see him again? But I guess life is as much about celebrating its joyful moments as it is about being able to let go of what we deeply cherish and accepting it as something we cannot hold onto forever. What we can hold onto for as long as we live, however, is our treasured memories (see also my post on Leonard’s Dublin gigs). And one thing is for sure: when a four year old in the audience is already excitedly singing along to Leonard Cohen’s songs, his music and poetry are still going to be around long long after we are all gone.

How The Light Gets In: Leonard Cohen ‘Festival’ Returns to Dublin

Prologue: As far as I’m concerned there are only two types of people in this world. Those who adore Leonard Cohen’s music and those who just haven’t had a chance (or the sense) yet to truly appreciate his poetry, charisma and sense of humour. May you be lucky enough to get converted before it is too late.

Last weekend I had no idea that I would be spending four nights this week at the O2 listening to Leonard Cohen live. In fact, I had no idea even 3 hours before the gig. I hadn’t been sure if I’d be in Dublin in July, so hadn’t bought any tickets in advance. Of course come July I regretted this immensely. But then the most amazing things started to happen…
Sunday, 19 July
5pm: sitting at the computer looking at videos of last year’s Leonard gigs and telling myself how could I be so stupid NOT to buy a ticket for the upcoming concerts in the O2 in Dublin.
6pm: decision taken, cycling down to the O2 on the off chance to secure a ticket last minute.
6.45pm: very little happening, people with happy faces filing past me tickets in hand (damn!)
7pm: a woman asks if I’m looking for a ticket (you bet I am!), get it much cheaper than expected, can’t believe my luck, feel like I’ve just won the lottery!
8pm: Leonard appears on stage to rapturous applause, oh my God, so good to see him again live, have to pinch myself to believe this is actually happening
9pm: a break, phew, texting friends to say I got in, what a night
10.30pm: Leonard still on stage, audience delirious, another half hour of encores to come, we are so lucky
11pm: cycling home in the rain, my head pleasantly spinning with the most beautiful music and poetry and the memory of Leonard’s crooked smile, no matter what happens no one can take this away from me

LC no hat

 Monday, 20 July
10am: at work, trying hard to concentrate on important things (if they only knew)
4pm: hours passing by very slowly, getting another coffee
6pm: off to the O2 again, yippieh
7pm: I can’t believe I’m doing this to myself again, last night I was somewhat excited and hopeful but not expecting too much, tonight I’m biting my fingernails praying to secure another ticket
7.30pm: not looking good, nobody selling any tickets, still trying to stay positive (ommm…)
7.40pm: can’t believe it, a young guy comes up to me asking if I’m looking for a ticket, his friend couldn’t make it, get it for next to nothing, unbelievable, I’m in again!
8pm: absolutely outstanding performance again, So Long Marianne just incredible, audience singing like one big choir, we can see Leonard is impressed, crooked smile showing even more often than yesterday, all on stage more relaxed than the night before, I’m loving it, wouldn’t wanna be anywhere else in the world
9pm: break, starting to get used to the O2, great sound, they also fixed the delay problem with the screens since yesterday, full house again (seating capacity ca. 9.500), amazing atmosphere
11pm: another brilliant gig over, everyone reluctantly shuffling outside disappearing into the Dublin night
11.15pm: going for a pint with the guy who sold me the ticket, we start talking about past travels and realise that we met once before, in 2006 in Christchurch, New Zealand – life is full of surprises, incredible!
View of crowd and stage from G
Tuesday, 21 July
Day off for Leonard, I’m listening to the Live in London CD all day, two down, two more to go (hoping and praying), it is a long long Leonardless day
Wednesday, 22 July
8am: I wake up, first thing on my mind is tonight, will I be able to pull off a hat-trick and get in again?
10am: several colleagues and friends as well as my hairdresser and my landlord have by now all been at one of the gigs, everyone raving about how good it was
1pm: trying to secure ticket for tonight’s gig online, if nothing works out it will have to be the nerves-of-steel-test outside the O2 again, bracing myself already
3.30pm: coffee break, humming Hallelujah while the water is boiling and getting a sympathetic smile from a colleague who’s in the know
5.30pm: cannot believe it, get a text that someone has a ticket for me for tonight, I can pick it up later, I am one happygirl indeed
6pm: would ‘normally’ be on my way to the O2 by now, but have to be at a work meeting which goes on until at least 9pm, patience has never been one of my strengths, trying my best not to run out the door before it’s finished, sigh…
9.10pm: Leonard must by now have finished the first half, colleague giving me a lift in the car down to the O2, I ring the woman who has the spare ticket, they wouldn’t let her leave the ticket at the box office, so have to find her somehow, time running out as break almost over, I try and locate where she says she is, glad I’ve been here twice before this week, feel like I know the place inside and out, finally see her coming towards me waving the ticket in the air, hallelujah, I can hear the announcement for the end of the break and make my way to my seat, trying to calm my breathing down as I settle in for the second part of the show, Leonard comes on stage again, Tower of Song, here we go again!
11.05pm: Leonard finishes the night off with Lullaby (only time during the four gigs), so special, don’t want to go home, he bows and puts his hands together as in prayer, then walks off quietly with the rest of the band, not skipping this time even though this and his mischievous smile is what I’ll always remember
Setlist of 23 July gig

Setlist of 23 July gig

Thursday, 23 July
10am: at work, the LC marathon continues, thinking about tonight and whether I will be lucky again, lots of good reviews about the gigs in the past couple of days, there might be more competition for last minute tickets this time 
5.45pm: counting down the minutes before I can race out of the office again
7pm: waiting for the miracle, very different atmosphere outside tonight, lots of people walking around asking for spare tickets, some are lucky but pay the full price
7.20pm: a guy passes his ‘ticket required’ poster on to me, I hold it up in the hope of attracting some sellers, touts making the rounds, getting a bit cold outside, really wish somebody would offer me a ticket sometime soon, Dave Fanning walks past, Kila piper Eoin Dillon also, I want to be on the guestlist too 
7.30pm: haha, notice that the other side of the makeshift poster is a vet form stating that somebody’s toy poodle needs his ears cleaned, whaaa?
7.40pm: a friend of mine turns up to help me sort out a ticket, mission ticket for Leonard’s last gig looking more and more impossible, wonder if I should sit down on the footpath and have a good cry and maybe someone will take pity on me, decide against it (prefer to cry happy tears later)
8pm: the concert has started, oh nooooo, not a happy girl, not a happy girl at all…then suddenly a woman walks towards us, she has one ticket for sale, OMG (!!!), then like from out of nowhere a tout appears and trys to buy it before I can say yes, I’ll take it, arrgghh, but my friend tells him to f* off in a polite enough way not to cause any of us any harm, I quickly arrange a price with the woman and find myself holding ‘the golden ticket to Leonard’s last gig in Dublin’ (maybe ever, better not think about that now)
8.05pm: I race past everyone else who’s late and try and find my seat in the dark, Leonard just finishing off the first song, Dance Me To The End of Love, the woman who sold me the ticket arrives shortly after, she’s lovely, most people are at Leonard’s gigs, singing or humming along with their favourite songs
8.50pm: a woman in the row in front of us gets up two songs before the break, returns with popcorn a few minutes later, obviously hadn’t been to any other gigs before where Leonard asked us to ‘be kind’ (as in the opposite of selfish, hint)
9pm: break, getting some merchandise, mentally preparing myself for the next hour and a half of musical bliss, then, while queueing for some icecream I find myself unexpectedly wondering how a 74 year-old can still be so damn sexy…it seems a strange thought but overhearing conversations of other female concert goers I’m not the only one thinking this…hm)
10.40pm: If It Be Your Will even more heartbreakingly beautiful than the other nights, Leonard reciting the first part then Hattie and Charley’s voices in perfect harmony accompanied by the sound of the harp, tissue time for me, again
11.10pm: last finale in Dublin, Leonard says thank you, thank you, thank you, he looks exhausted but exhilarated, there is the lovely smile for the last time…will never forget this amazing week, a dream come true…
11.50pm: at home on the internet booking a flight to Barcelona and a ticket for Leonard’s 75 birthday gig on 21 September, something to look forward to at least, easing the withdrawal symptoms for a while, already counting the days…
20 07 09 Crowd 1
Epilogue: There have been many times in my life when things were not quite going as expected and I sometimes thought is this ever going to get any better? Weeks like this one are proof to me that life has always some more happy moments in store for us no matter how low we sometimes feel. There is, after all, as Leonard so succinctly wrote, a crack in everything and that is how the light gets in. Hallelujah!
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20 July 2009:
Hattie & Charley doing their ‘angel cartwheel’  – check out their own website and tour blog here
22 July 2009:
Lullaby (shortish but got it)  
23 July 2009: