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Gisela About Me

Hi, I’m Gisela, welcome to Life is a Festival!

My travel blogging adventure began when I was living in Ireland a few years ago where I volunteered at a festival for the first time, the amazing Festival of World Cultures in Dublin. I made new friends, had a whale of a time and have never looked back. From that summer onwards my goal has always been to keep the time between festivals as short as humanly possible. And I’m not talking about mainstream festivals, but creative cultural events around the world, which are run by people who love what they do and where, in the space of just a few days, you can learn new skills, meet like-minded people and really experience life.

My adventurous heart has taken me to 35 countries (and counting!), I’ve lived on 3 continents and have visited countless fascinating cities, seaside towns, islands and mountains. I’m always exploring off the beaten path places, current cultural events, the best cafes and boutique accommodation and love meeting locals (including four-legged ones, see Cuddle a Dog a Day for more details) to get the most authentic travel tips.

Whether you’re into live music, film, literature, yoga, arts, storytelling, veggie and vegan food, coffee, theatre or dance, join me on my journey online or meet me at the many events I attend year-round. Don’t be shy, I love sharing and exchanging tips and ideas!

9 responses to “About Me

  1. I love your website – it’s fab. The Leonard Cohen week blog was really funny and uplifting! I’m yet to experience his music but will soon.

    Thanks! 🙂

  2. Read more of your blog and it’s amazing. You can express yourself so fantastic and sway over things with one blinking eye, well, très aimable. Why dont’ t you write for a newspaper, magazine etc?

  3. I like your writing! And I applied for the Trad festival in Temple Bar so I might see you there, if not before…

    (Johanna, the french girl from the Get published seminar.)

  4. Fine blog.

    The volcanic eruption has been playing havoc with literary festivals right around the world with authors having to cancel as far away as Canada.

    Montreal’s Blue Metropolis International Literary Festival, which starts this week, say they’ve had four cancellations.

    With major festivals coming-up in Australia and New Zealand in May we can only hope that it all settles down to ensure all international visitors make it.

  5. Just discovered your blog this morning, love many of your posts, such as Open House, and JDIFF look forward to many more. Planning our own Festival in September http://lucanfestival.wordpress.com/

    • lifeisafestival

      Hi lucanfestival, glad you’re enjoying reading the blog, if you’re looking for volunteers for your upcoming festival let me know and I’ll post it on the vol opp page. Best of luck for September!

  6. Juan Carlos Herrera

    Hey!!!!! It’s been good working with you in the info booth, your blog looks awesome my friend. Hope we can keep in contact 🙂

  7. Real pleasure to meet ya at the Syncronicity Festival in Gibsons! You are super inspiring:)))

  8. Hey Love your content! would love you to take a look at mine if you have a chance. Think we would have a lot of notes to swap! x That Festival Blogger (Sophie)

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