Niche Appeal: Folk at Standon Calling Festival 2013

I signed up for Standon Calling (2-4 August 2013) as they had a dedicated folk stage, the Lordship Stage, with each day’s acts being presented by the Crypt Sessions, Loose Music and Folkstock respectively. Meanwhile, over at the main stage were all the well-known bands most of the other people were here for; not exactly my natural musical habitat, but volunteering was still fun. I helped with the wrist band exchange at the main gate and we also got food and drinks vouchers, which was a nice added benefit. Image On Friday I was most impressed by Gibson Bull, not only as his live set sounded good, but also because of how professionally he handled not playing in front of a big crowd (given the time of day and general non-folk orientation of most of the audience). If partying until 5am to noisy music had been my thing, it would have been paradise. As it wasn’t, I checked out a few of the late night venues for a while, including my other favourite, the circus-like Autumn Shift tent, and then called it a day. Image Saturday started with a nice veggie breakfast and exploring the grounds a bit more. A big hit with the families was the pool and kids area, which included a percussion display to try out and the fabulous super-cape-abilities workshop tent. After another stewarding shift and a bit of a downpour, which luckily didn’t last very long, it was time for more of my kind of music. Today’s favourites were Case Hardin (just Pete and Tim) as well as Danny and the Champions of the World with the full band, who were on last that night and really rocked the folk stage! Image Sunday was the day of the dog show, which was fun to watch, and it was also my favourite day music-wise. The first act I really enjoyed was Zoe Wren, a newcomer with definite potential. She was followed by Indi Forde, who wasn’t exactly folk, but had great stage presence and had everyone’s feet tapping. Missed a few more bands because of my last volunteer shift, but was very glad I caught The Willows later after listening to one song by De La Soul and then leaving the 4000 or so people to it. Their set was the closing act of the festival for me and am already looking forward to seeing them again live in London soon.


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