Hook, Line and Sinker: The International Fly Fishing Film Festival 2011

Sometimes I come across festivals that I would never really think of attending – if it wasn’t for the sake of this blog. So when I heard about the International Fly Fishing Film Festival, which took place on 26 March, 2011, at the Vancity Theatre in Vancouver, I was excited to find out what it was all about.

Compared to a lot of other film festivals I volunteer at it was not a nonprofit event, but basically a showcase of film excerpts, the dvds for which were on sale on the day. The festival is organised by a family business who also run Fly Fusion Magazine and were a really friendly bunch, so I ended up learning quite a bit about the sport throughout the day. For a free, fun and quick lesson on fly fishing, check out this hilarious video called Fly of My Dreams.

I was also glad to see that while about 95% of the audience was made up of male fly fishing enthusiasts, there are also some very skilled female fly fishing pros around, such as April Vokey , who teaches workshops and co-presents Fly Nation TV. I’m not sure if my newly acquired fly fishing vocabulary (which includes the words spey casting, hackles and steelhead) will come in useful anytime soon, but after today I do feel quite tempted to give it a go myself sometime, even if just once.


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