The First Ever DubTeaUp Tea & Cake ‘Festival’ :-)

What a lovely tea and cake fuelled evening it was! Thanks to all of you who joined us for DubTeaUp in the Exchange in Temple Bar last night. If  you couldn’t make it, here is what you’ve missed:

over 40 tea drinking, cake munching DubTeaUpers from Ireland, France, Poland, the UK, Croatia, Germany and the USA

more than 10 homemade cake offerings including rhubarb tarte, lemon drizzle cake, flapjacks, brownies, cupcakes and welsh cakes

about 30 cute and colourful, feline and other fabulous tea mugs and teapots of all shapes and sizes

two lovely musical interludes by Welsh DubTeaUpers

Some more pix of the night can be found here, feel free to add your own ones.

Thanks to the Exchange for providing the beautiful venue, Dairine of Clement and Pekoe for the enticing tea selection, all the cake bakers and everybody else who contributed in some way or another! 🙂


5 responses to “The First Ever DubTeaUp Tea & Cake ‘Festival’ :-)

  1. Will be sure to make the next one!

  2. Tea, cake and good company – what more could a person ask for? A really lovely evening – thanks so much for organising! The first of many I hope…

  3. Tea. Cake. Win. Win. 🙂

    Thanks for organising such a lovely evening!

  4. Thanks for organising such a cosy evening, was lovely. 🙂

  5. you’ll have to do another when I can come too!

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