(Almost) Welsh For A Weekend: The Dingle Panceltic Festival 2010

When you’re trying to describe the perfect weekend, your head is still spinning with the most beautiful music and the laughter of the great people you met, then a poem is maybe the best way of getting across what it felt to be in Dingle for the Panceltic Festival on one particularly sunny weekend in April 2010! Thanks guys for making this trip such great fun, this one is for you:

Panceltic Poem

A group of five set out to explore
the beautiful kingdom of Kerry once more.
Dingle it was where we would spend
an absolutely fantastic weekend.

The Panceltic festival is one of a kind
Celtic culture that’s hard to find
in our modern world of twitter and facebook
but thankfully we decided to book.

The Irish fiddlers, Welsh male voice choirs
and Scottish pipers had many admirers.
We had such a blast, we partied away
and wished we could stay yet another day.

We admired the singers,
we chatted with pipers,
we ate Welsh food
and we danced in the night club.

Panceltic, you see is more than a show,
a festival of things Celtic bringing a real glow
to the faces of those taking part in the fun –
oh how glad we were that we’d decided to come!

The music was brilliant from the start til the end
we learned so much and made many a new friend.
Each of us had their favourites for sure
and for me nothing beat the Welsh choirs once more.

It wasn’t just music that came our way
We also saw Fungi the dolphin in the Bay
He jumped out of the water, our cameras clicked
and we had our next destination already picked.
It was on to The Old Smokehouse for real Welsh fare
yummy seafood pasta and not so Welsh eclairs.
Then back to the hotel for a Scottish ceili
Quite a challenge after all the food and sailing.

Round and round we went to many a tune
outside the sheep were staring at the moon.
We loved it so much, we couldn’t get enough
Just finding our way home in the dark was tough.

Alas we didn’t sleep like babies due to the camogie blitz
of teenage partying in the hostel – wish we’d booked the Ritz.
A hearty breakfast later the peninsula we traversed,
admired the views and Monday morning we cursed.

Our stay was too short, what a pity it was.
We headed back to Dublin, a little bit cross
that the dancing and singing and good times we’d had
were over for now, it was really quite sad.

But then we remembered the craic we’d had in the West
the lovely people, the music, it had just been the best.
We will be returning, that is for sure
The Panceltic fever got us, there isn’t a cure!


4 responses to “(Almost) Welsh For A Weekend: The Dingle Panceltic Festival 2010

  1. Ha ha ha…very nice poem, I wish I was there! Want to go there next year!

  2. Maith thu!
    (Irish for “Good on you!”)

  3. What a beautiful poem. Dingle where are you? Come back….

  4. Oh, my dear Gisela, you are pretty right in your wonderful words. I’ve been in parties and road trips since the beginning of this year, but this was the best weekend ever! The combination of extremely good weather, a festival full of dancers, singers and musicians, lots of lovely people and a bunch of good friends to share these experiences with is more than one can ask. AWESOME CRAIC!!

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