Dear Festival of World Cultures: A Love Letter

Dear Festival of World Cultures,

You are the best!

You make it worth staying in rainy Ireland in August.
I love the way you attract people from all over the world.
You are so colourful, so bubbly, so approachable.
No other festival compares with you.
No, I’m not just saying that, I mean it. Promise.
You make me smile, you make me dance, you make me want to hug strangers.
You are what you are. The perfect party.
A place where for one weekend in the year Dun Laoghaire (and maybe all of Dublin) is transformed.
Utterly changed into a playing field for those not too old to dream.
But you are popular with people of any age.
You have such a generous spirit, nobody can resist you.
You attract those who have a vision for the world.
Those who not just consume, but want to share and learn.
Musicians and wise women and men, dancers and poets, singers and artists, they all follow your beat.
And I can tell ya that beat is infectious!
You not only feed our bellies with yummy delicacies from all over the globe.
More importantly you feed our souls.
You remind us that we are all human.
Each of us unique but all sharing the same capacity for joy.
And joy is what describes this weekend best.
It is a joy to watch people enjoying themselves.
When the whole crowd is swaying and singing along.
When a mother dances with her child on her hip.
It is a thrill to be part of it all.
To forget our worries for a few hours.
Because that’s what you’re all about.
Smiling and dancing, learning and sharing.
I love you dearly, my beautiful Festival of World Cultures.
Please don’t ever change.
You’re perfect just the way you are.
P.S. Tell your mum that she can be very proud of you. Missing you already. Can’t wait to see you again next year. Take care!
Main Stage 2

Dub Colossus 1




Oumouru Sangare 2


Fidjians 1


Smiley Child


Flowers and Flags




Flags Sandycove




Dancing in front of the stage




One response to “Dear Festival of World Cultures: A Love Letter

  1. Great memories! Great pictures. so sweet.

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