How to … make your own inspiration cards

I’ve always really enjoyed making collages. As a child I would cut out images of people and animals from catalogues and magazines and rearrange them on paper to create some sort of a new story. I would also have my own little shop with lots of  2D ‘paper’ products that to me were as valuable as the real deal. That way there was no end to what I could ‘stock’. I just had to find it somewhere and cut it out.
Now that the R word has us all struggling to keep smiling every day I’ve rediscovered my old hobby. I was at a zine fair  in Filmbase the other day and it reminded me how much fun it used to be to get some scissors, glue and paper out and MAKE SOMETHING. So I did! I bought some paper postcards and a book with quotes on the way home, got out some old magazines and sat down to shred them into creative pieces. I put on some Leonard Cohen, lit a scented candle and in no time I had produced my first few inspiration cards. I loved the swishing sound of the scissors when they separated a picture of a cup of tea from its natural background. The sticky feeling on my fingers when the same picture got slathered in superglue and stuck to one of the plain white postcards. Then I picked a suitable quote: ‘Wisdom is only found in Truth. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’ and pasted it diagonally across the page. Now on to the next one…


Inspiration Cards

The cost for 25 unique inspiration cards? Less than a pint!
I paid 99 cents for a pack of 25 basic paper postcards from Reads. Spent 2.99 on a second hand book with quotes on wisdom in Hodges Figgis’ bargain basement and had a pile of old magazines that were about to go into the paper bin (if you’re really stuck, go into any charity shop and purchase a few mags, they’re usually around 50 cents each). Total project cost: 3.98. Once I’ve made a good few I’m going to sell most of them for charity and keep some special ones to send to my family abroad and friends who can do with a bit of cheering up.
Check out Etsy for a wealth of additional inspiration and a great way of selling your homemade stuff online. There is also a small but perfect little craft, vintage and second hand market every last Saturday of the month upstairs in the Curved Street Cafe  in Filmbase.

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